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"Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer"- Anonymous

Rome, Italy

City located in the European Mediterranean. More specifically in the south Europe. Its vast cultural and historic heritage makes it one of the best cities to visit in Europe.

Let me just start by saying one visit is not enough. This is how much there is to see and explore. Every single corner will leave you in awe.


Although I must admit I experience a little of the "Paris Syndrome" when I fist got there. By the second day I feline love with the city and stayed longer.  First thing I wanted to do was visit the Colosseum. I had 2 great reasons for it. First and foremost the knowledge Mrs. Rodriguez taught me when I was in Junior high school and the series "Spartacus" I so wanted to walk on the grounds he walked. I wanted to experience the underground's on my own. Thank God I was more than blessed and my wish came true. Not before I had a scare. The Colosseum was our first tour and as we went in hubby had a sharp pain due to a kidney stone ( see the importance of travel insurance) and we had love quickly.  He passed the stone and were good so we returned to the Colosseum a couple of days after. This time we had the chance to do it all including the undergrounds. If you're thinking of going or you have already booked a trip this tour is a must. I do have to add that there are water fountains and usb charging stations free of charge right in the entrance of the Colosseum. This was the first time I got to see this (the usb charging station) and thought it was very cool.


Other places to visit besides just walking the street are; The Spanish Steps, The Trevi Fountain, The Pantheon, Piazza Novena, St. Peter's Basilica,Sistine Chape, Roman Forum, Vatican Museums, Palatine Hill, Arch of Constantine and many more.

There is public transportation and is very easy to manage and get by. This is why I would recommend staying by Termini Terminal.

In my honest opinion I'll have to differ from popular opinions and say Rome's food wasn't the best but I did get to have some good food. Breakfast was my favorite. Including the bufet and the cozy restaurant just across from Termini terminal.

Now you know we at Omy Travels are experts at what we do. If you are thinking on visiting Europe contact us at to help you book your next trip.


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