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 Omy Travels 

Travel Concierge Agency Designing Unique Travel Experiences

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Who is Omy Travels? 

Hello, This is Omy, travel specialist. Six (6) years ago I started Omy Travels. We are a travel concierge agency and we specialize in designing unique travel experiences based on our clients' needs to deliver unforgettable memories. We are experts in Europe, all Disney and Universal destinations around the world! Embarking on a memorable travel adventure is a dream come true, but the planning process can be daunting when going solo. That's where Omayra comes in. With 7 years of experience as a travel agent, she is committed to providing concierge services that cater to each client's unique preferences. Regardless of whether you're an adventure seeker, cultural enthusiast, digital nomad, educational travel group, family with little ones, senior or solo traveler, Omayra will create an unforgettable vacation experience tailored precisely to your needs.

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