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Pride Month Around The World

🌈 Celebrate Pride Month in Style at these top LGBTQ+ destinations! 🌈.

Do you know Pride Month is a celebrated accross the world? Yes! Yes is is and there are great festivals around the word where you can have an unforgettable time.

Here I'll bring you some of those places so you can plan and travel.

I'll tell you about a few, but there are many more cities around the world that celebrate Pride Month in various ways. Each year, more places join in the celebration and promotion of LGBTQ+ diversity and rights.

North America:

  • an Francisco (June), this city is famous for its Pride Parade, which attracts thousands of people from around the world. In addition to the parade, numerous events and parties are organized throughout the city.

  • New York City (June), is home to the largest Pride Parade in the United States, which marches through the streets of Manhattan. The city hosts a wide range of events, parties, and cultural activities throughout the month.

  • Mexico City, Mexico (June). This city has become one of the most popular destination to celebrate Pride.

  • Toronto, Canada (June) Pride, known as Pride Toronto, offers a range of festivities, including a lively parade, concerts, and community events.

South America:

  • São Paulo, Brazil's (June) Pride Parade is considered one the largest in the world, with millions of attendees each year. The city also offers a variety of events and parties in honor of Pride Month.

  • Montevideo, Uruguay (September),since 1990 this city is extremely friendly and welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community.


  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (August). The capital city of the Netherlands celebrates Amsterdam Pride with a colorful and festive parade that floats through the city's canals. Numerous cultural events and parties are also held throughout the city.

  • Berlin, Germany (July), is known for its inclusive and vibrant atmosphere during Pride Month. Berlin's Pride Parade is one of the largest in Europe and is accompanied by a variety of events, concerts, and parties throughout the city.

  • Madrid, Spain (July), one of Europe 's top pride destinations. This city hosts a comprehensive cultural program.

  • London, UK (July). More than a million people gather together to celebrate diversity.

  • Stockholm, Sweden (August). This city celebrates a week long festival and has also hosted Europride three times.

  • Paris, France (June). In the city of love pride festivities are a huge event.

  • Copenhagen, Denmark (August and February). Inclusivity is one of the most important The same reason why they The same reason why they celebrate twice in the year.


  • Tel Aviv, Israel (June). widely recognized as one of the most LGBTQ+-friendly cities in the world and is known for its vibrant Pride Month celebrations.

  • Taipei, Taiwan (October). First city in Asia to legalize gay marriage.


  • Sydney, Australia(June).One of the biggest celebrations in the world taking almost a month.

Please contact us if you would like more information about any of these destinations. In Omy Travels we are experts in travel concierge will be more than happy to assist you.

Happy Pride Month!


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