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First International trip

Updated: Mar 7

Congratulations! You finally made the decision to travel internationally. Let me share some information I wish I knew the first time I took an international trip.

First a trip is a trip regardless of where you're going. You go in the airport and you should board a plane for x amount of hours. Now if it is a domestic flight you'd need i.d., plane ticket, where to stay and some money. But if this is an international trip you'd need abut the same plus... well that i.d. will need to be a validd passport. Said passport should not expire at least in the next 6 months after your returning home day. For instance if you return home on July 2022 your passport can't expire before January 2023 or you can be denied boarding the plane.This is so important because we are not used to travel internationally. You'll also need travel insurance with medical coverage and depending on the country you're visiting this coverage will need to be of a certain amount.

Another thing you need to find out (unless you use our services because we'll give you all the info you need) is if you need a visa. Yes! Some visas are arrange at the airport but others you need to arrange way in advance.

In some ínstances you'll also need special vaccination shots. I'm not talking about Covid shots but about specific vaccinations shots like malaria to name one. On the covid subject there are countries that required not only that you are vaccinated against covid but that you have the right dosages.

Another requirement is money. Yup some countries require a set amount of money per day and you'll need to show you have that money. Failure to show that amount of money will result in being denied entry to the country. You can show you have the money by showing bank statements and or credit card statements.

Usually we travel and stay at a family member house, right? Not so easy in some countries around the world. In some countries you'd be ask for an invitaional letter. Sometimes it is just that a letter someone writes inviting you to stay at their place. Some times it is a legal statement. For instance in Spain, you'llhave to go to the police department ot arrange such document.

Another good advice is to print your itinerary. You don't have to follow it but you do need to prove you have an idea of the place you want o to vist. You can also download any tickets you've bought and with that you can prove you're a tourist and you're just visiting and you don't plan on staying in the country.

Culture, yes it is very important you respect the country's culture. For instance if visiting muslim countries; dress accordingly and respect praying times and their temples. In other countries stray animals are sacred and I'll say it again you need to show respect. It has nothing to do with agreeing with their beliefs but about showing respect.

Lastly but not least important is we are only allowed x amount of time to stay in some countries and it is imperative you don't over stay. If you do so even if unknowingly you'd be fined to say the least.

Overall this are things I'd wanted to know when I traveled internationally the first time. Now remember we at Omy Travels are experts in vacation planning. Contact us at to help you plan your next trip.


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