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Travel Insurance With Medical coverage

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

If this is your first time traveling you might not know travel insurance is essential for a worry less trip. Many of us are not aware that travel insurance is a most for many destinations. Yes! You read that right. Even when you're not to show proof at the time your interview in immigrations it is an entrance requirement for many countries around the world.

When traveling across the USA you might not need travel insurance as your current policy might cover you if something should happen. This is not the case if you're traveling internationally and opposed to USA hospitals in other countries abroad won't give you the care you need until payment is received. You'll also need to know your health insurance won't cover you abroad. Don't trust my word, go on the country's embassy page and look it up. I should also need to mention the fact that in some other countries you'll not only need travel insurance with a medical coverage but said policy needs to be of a certain amount.

Now if we talk about a cruise it gets even more difficult due to the fact that is something were to happen while you're in internationals waters and you have to be evacuated via air ambulance it ill cost you a pretty penny. Needless to say why it is always important to buy travel insurance with medical coverage; it is just peace of mind.

How to choose the right travel insurance? Although there are many travel insurances out there to choose from if you have no experience buying one you'll have a lot of questions. My advice would be to first call your actual insurance provider and ask if they also sell travel insurance. Second ask your travel agent.

Now you know NEVER to travel without travel insurance; of course one that provides medical coverage. Traveling without it can end up costing you a little fortune.

We at Omy Travels are experts in travel planning and we'd love to help your next trip. If you have any questions contact us by sending us an email to


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