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It Pays To Hire A Travel Agent

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Today more than ever it is very important to hire a Travel Agent. Ever since 2020 we live in pandemic state and being honest with you all I'm pretty sure this will last for quite some time. It is true we love doing our own online searches but as changing as the traveling industry is I advice you to just trust and hire a travel agent. If you didn't know yet travel agents are experts in travel planning. Even if you think you can get a great price through an online search engine I can assure you a travel agent can price match it and they will have your best interest. You'll also have their expertise and guidance the whole time.

Speaking about prices... Do you know why online search engines offer a low price? Let me explain a little. If the trip requires a flight or train; they'll sell you red eyes flights or train rides. Hotels? They'll sell 2 stars or less accommodations some times even hostels without you knowing it. That's not it, many of those accommodations are in questionable areas or very far from the airports. you should also know that in big cities there might be one or more airport. An experience travel agent will find you suitable flights and great accommodations in accessible areas for your connivance according to your likes and budget

Also with all the actualizations and changes it is almost a job to keep up with everything. We get daily notifications about new changes and restrictions. And I'll add it is not the same, you searching for things and changes than your agent with notifying you all that interest you and giving you options. In my most recent trip I've had to change my destination multiple times due to changes and restrictions. I was supposed to arrive in Rome and because of new restrictions the night before my trip I had to arrive in Athens instead. Had I arrived in Rome I would've have to quarantine for 5 days and arriving in Athens (which was in my itinerary) required no quarantine at all. So, I had to arrive in Athens and then go to Rome and didn't have to quarantine at all and I enjoyed my trip although I did have to play with my itinerary.

Also when you are in destinations if anything isn't working out the way it should we are there to support and help you. instead of calling a call center and waiting hours for someone to solve your issue. With a travel agent communications is almost instant given the chance that mostly we'll be in 2 different time zones.

I am a travel agent and I've been traveling again since the world opened back again in July 2020. Back then I was only able to travel domestically and basically it was just before the pandemic. I tell you about this experience because when you travel internationally is totally different.

These days you just can't afford to not use a travel agent. We at Omy Travels are experts in vacation planning. Contact us at to start planning your next trip. e


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